Welcome to True North!

True North is more than just finding your direction. It’s your heart’s pull. It’s a star in the sky that’s good for more than making wishes. And when it comes to communications, it’s about sharing what’s true and best about you.

Gerhard and I have been married since 2013. We met in Toronto back in 2008 and quickly found that in addition to the usual things young lovers have in common, we share a passion for writing and communications.

Our most animated conversations have always been around the words and philosophies of favorite authors or fascinating articles. We swoon over brilliant marketing campaigns. And we cheer when the message breaks through thanks to a strong, creative PR push.

In those early days, we also found out we shared an upbringing that included many traditional “northern” Canadian elements: adventures in the woods, warm log cabins, and a romantic appreciation for the exploration of rocky beaches, secret swimming holes and a trail you haven’t taken yet.

Gerhard and I decided to put our passions to work, and today, we’re officially launching True North Communications. The name reminds us where we’re from, while keeping us focused on where we’re going. We’re two Canucks in California, who have built careers around big ideas, creative writing and clear communications.

We are proud to work with clients that reflect our true north. They are people who are passionate about what they’re doing in the outdoors, for the environment, though public service, and by helping others.

We’re True North Communications. And we’re open for business.